Seventy years brings about a lot of change — Was this guy thinking about change, his role in it, and enjoying your company in the future? The answer is NO! But, I was thinking about malls the other day – Then, some thoughts about change just flew into my head. So, I gathered up some

….. photos (including the featured photo)  and wrote a little about some change – then and now .

And that lead me to think–Oh, for you Grandkids, it is not about then and now — It is about now and beyond — What fun changes will you create as a base for your beyond generations.  Sure hope you will have fun creating!  I also, hope you do it safely, in a smart way, and in your own way  —  so that the future will say you were a WOW person.

Go tell your parents to be kind to you, because you will be creating the world they live in – in their old age. You see, your parents generation is creating my old age world.  Even with the House and Senate debates – my life around here is pretty good – so tell your parents, thanks for me. OK?

Time passes and things change. My Grandpa is not here today to purchase a mare and harness. But through his daily labors of many years ago, he left a beautiful homestead that the family of many still, after 110 years, call the homestead.IMG_1874

This beautiful buck has left but a relic,  his beautiful rack lying among the down branches, but in the morning, on the Island, I am likely to see an offspring of his swimming across the bay – returning from a trip to the other shore, defending his right to begin the creation of future generations for my offsprings to enjoy.h and s_b

Maybe an offspring – a new generation buck seen swimming the bay:garden plot cute

In 1968  THE LEDGER reported:


Published: Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 12:01 a.m.bilde

TITUSVILLE | The 1968 brochure beckoned to would-be business owners in language intoxicated with the exuberance of its era.

Miraculous Profits Await You in Miracle City Inc. – Titusville, Florida. …the largest and most modern shopping center in the fastest growing area in the country. …Miracle City is a 330,000-square-foot, air-conditioned mall as modern as the space age activities of its neighbors.

Forty-three years later, the name Miracle City Mall drips with unintended irony. The woebegone mall is a relic.m 4 b

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — 2013

Eyewitness News has new pictures of what an empty shopping mall will look like when it’s redeveloped.

WFTV found out about the $60 million plans to revitalize Titusville’s Miracle City Mall last fall.

Developer Allen Goins shared renderings of his project.

The open-air mall would encompass 300,000 square feet and would likely include restaurants, retail shops, and a movie theater.

The new mall is seen as a focus of north Brevard’s revitalization efforts. Could this be a rendition of the future?


So, say I to you –things will change – To my Grandkids I say –Look forward to that change — Better yet – Look forward to creating that change — Some watch change happen, others make change happen, others say what the hell happened.   Be the one in the middle –  make change happen. 🙂

With that I say "So long for today!"

With that I say “So long for today!”