Not sure what kind of school Grandpa ran — seems they do a lot of play practice.

March 29, 1900  — ” Snow all day — School spoiled by practice for play. Gave Ellen (Grandma) 75 cents — paid 20 cents for fish. Paid 50cents for baby a pair of shoes”

——————————————————————————————greenerThey say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence — Is the grass greener in 1900 or 2013???  Let me know what you think!

Now in my world, 113s year later — Here is the way it is — Poor Grandpa would never understand

–March 7,2013  —  My wife took from the ATM,  $300 dollars. (I did not give it to her — she took it)  — She went to store and gave me a VISA receipt for 102 dollars (for food she purchased) to enter into Quickbooks – not to enter in to the diary (Wonder if Grandpa knows what Quickbooks is all about?)

I did not shovel any snow — just hit the golf ball!   and complained about the cold 68 degree weather! The most proud moment of the day was when the golf ranger saw that I checked in — they get a little angry at me for going on the course if I do not sign-in — even though I payed many $ to be a member— members are allowed to play golf any time they feel like it, if the member signs in.  —  Sometime I won’t sign in just for the hell of it  —  You know, the grass on the course is really a little greener if I just get in my golf cart and zing out there for a few holes in the evening — the scenery is great to photograph and the animals are out and about for me to photograph.  Then I can put these images on my blog. Why am I alone out there? — all other members are in town having the “Early Bird” special!”    I ain’t hurtin no one if I foreget to sign in.  Right — You agree, do you not?golf 2 golf 6golf 3 Cart color golf 5 golf 7And as U NO I LOVE scenes from my pasture — OOPS I mean golf course!  So, I am satisfied the the grass is greener in 2013 then it was in 1900.  Oh, I have a question. Which is correct?

George Washington was our first president.


George Washington is our first president.