1.  Hope U can c this strange plant I found at a Michigan rest area. I hope U can enlarge it on u’r screen them PLEASE tell me what it is.  Thanks 

2.  Well, here I am in NY/NJ. Grandma to know if tooth has any complex process require – dentist thinks it will be smooth sailing. If that is the case, she goes to see grandkids summer camp show and I head to see Perla and friends.  Hay for horses was to happen this week but that process got complicated. I get 2 help with hay making and storage next week. Hope 2 get many photos for u. 

Really having tough time with this iPad but hope u can figure out how 2 read this blog. 

3. Did lots of people watching yesterday – lots of different clothing styles here in the big city – seems some are fads, some are ethnic, some are religion, some are weird I think just 2 tell the world “I am special – unique”, and some to say I have created a piece of art work which I can wear and see each time I pass a mirror. Maybe I will try to post some photos of these but due to privacy of folks I do not like 2 do that. Do you ever wear special styles.

 Maybe you could tell me about it and tell me why you wear it THANKS.  For example, sometimes I wear a cowboy hat and no one else does.  Why, mabe it is because folks I meet say “boy, I really love your hat” and I am sure I would like that.

And Perla likes it too!


4. I am so happy 2 know this young lady. In the parade she handled a very nervous horse with such confidence and skill, my helmet and cowboy hat off to her – and I must say her family and my friends on the horse farm really enjoy her as well as respect her for her horsemanship

5. Cart never loose a ball 2But I remember golf and retrieving poorly hit balls in Florida is fun also – so till the fall! Florida friends  keep Florida beautiful!!