“WWW.”  We all know what that is used for.

“Watch Out!”  Bet we know what that conveys.

“Wow!”  We know what that conveys.

“Go, Wash your hands” That is among the first lessons all mothers are trained to teach to  to their little offsprings.

As retired adults we expanded on what our Moms taught us and we seem to be washing all the time. I took a bike ride around the community this morning and I saw folks washing their cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, driveways, the outside of their house, and I even saw someone washing a dog! (Oh I also saw a mobile dog washing trailer parked in front of someones house with a generator running to assure warm water and to assure that a blow-dried pooch would emerge!)

Prior to the bike ride I washed my breakfast dishes, my hair, my body, my teeth (brushing them is sort of washing them) and started a load of laundry in the “Washing Machine”.  After I exercised I wiped down the equipment I used and I washed my hands with 65% alcohol instant hand sanitizer. Think I will now go and wash my golf cart.

I have no money to launder but I would do that if I could.  I have no sins to wash away.  It is not that I have no sins , it just that I plan to keep them all!

I looked in Google for “Cleaning Supplies” and had almost 63 million hits. Looked at one of them – ULINE.COM and found a catalog containing 25,000 products!

Wow — that was a fun blog to write — Let’s see,  next it is “V”.  Maybe I will skip it , or maybe I will go back to X.  YOU check back later to find out which it is.  YOU are so great for reading these ramblings.  Thanks!