As I have mentioned to U, two of my hobbies this month are clouding watching and Perla training,  (or better known as playing with Perla) Hope I am saying this corectly - "Imade this photo for the purpose of having a metaphor for Perla's transition from  ---- to ----. I will tell u about the  ---  in this blog

As I have mentioned to U, two of my hobbies this month are cloud-watching and working-playing with Perla – I call this photo “Perla’s transition” (not sure which way!) Do U C 2 Perlas?

People have asked “What in the world do you do every day with that horse of yours?” — This blog is designed to answer that question.

I have studied many books to help me develop my transition (training) plan. For you, I looked at 5 books in my Horse training library just to give you some of my funny thoughts:

1. BE THE LEADER – Yesterday, a friend ask me “Is your training of Perla going well, are you now the boss” — I said yes , but training a horse is like a marriage — we men never rise to the level of boss – we do not even approach it!!”   That is what I said — It got a lot of cheers from the women in the room.

2. NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP – There is nothing natural about this 160  pound man trying to tell a 1,000 pound horse ( that has had it own way for some number of years)  what it should do.

3. THINK LIKE A HORSE -Wrong! –  My object is to get the horse to think like me.

4. HORSE TRAINING MADE EASY – If you believe this, you believe I could sell  you the London Bridge at a great price or u believe a married man could be the boss of his home!

5. LIFE LESSONS FROM A RANCH and ranch community – Now this one I do believe — I have have learned many things about relationships and dealing with challenges, animals, and people from my experiences working with animals, animal trainers, ranchers, and small community people. Better then college — Now Grandkids — do not believe me — GO TO COLLEGE, then you can afford a horse and a personal horse trainer (and many other things)  to get you and the horse to really enjoy the ride through life. Remember it is to enjoy the ride – not work at it!

Here is the daily lesson plan this week. All of it is about Perla U think — BUT — It is much harder for me to consistently communicate the same message day after day, with the same demeanor (Attitude, respect, authority, humility, energy, and yes, praise) then u may think — so the 10 step plan is really for me — if I learn do my part welI am sure she will do her part well:

1. go to pasture and get Perla to catch me – not me catch her.

2. brush Perla down – really caress and rub her back — to get her in the mood.

3. ground tie – drop lead rope, say stay, walk away, jump around, throw hat at her  — then walk bak and praise.

4. ask her to circle me left, then right, then return to me for praise when I say “All done”

5. lay lead rope in front of Perla, I walk to end and ask her to come to me — for a praise of course

6. walk beside me with head at my shoulder – first normal speed, then slow, then fast, then turn left, then right, then stop. — always keeping the exact same position.  Praise

7. walk into open trailer by following me,  then walk into open trailer with me outside, and always back out slowly at my command only. Praise

8. walk to stall, enter at my command, turn to face me, stand for bridle and bare-back pad – (I do not use a saddle), stand quietly by big rock so I can use it as a ladder to get on her.  Praise, praise

9. ride — away from barn and herd, close to barn and herd, around trees, with only body signals, with rein signals, slow, normal, TOLT, near scary things, be steady as cars/motorcycles/four wheelers/logging trucks pass, stop and stand quietly while I shoot breeze for 20 minutes, let me reach down and open mail box, etc Praise praise.

10. return to barn, enter stall when commanded, tun to face me, stand quietly for pad and bridle pad removal, another brush down, and more praise, and not bolt out of barn when I say “All done” – but rather come to me for one more praise before walking out of the barn.

That is close to two hours of time spent with a friend, Perla! — Hope it is mutual friendship.

Next blog I tell of our transition progress and what graduate school may consist of.  U will have to wade through my photo portfolio of Perla  too– Drink coffee to stay awake if necessary.

adiosgolf19Horse training, golf, and life are not games of perfect — just games of fun!IMG_1215