OR – To see the new page click here– You must do this extra click because my iPad and I had a disagreement – guess who won? Hope it taught me how to behave for next time and then we will be back to normal – or if we like the extra click we may use some form of it every day???

Love to see people enjoy their animals.  If only none animal people knew how much work it takes to have animals.

As U know I am traveling and am writing to you from my iPad in club lounge in the hotel where breakfast is available as a hotel compliment – for free. well nothing is for free   I already saw the bill for the hotel. Now I know how they can give me a free breakfast –  this is a beautiful hotel in beautiful down town Ann Arbor. Near hospital and university of MI. The day is bright and in the 60’s. Wanted to send u pictures. I will see if the cloud in the sky sent them from my phone to my iPad and the I send them to you.  Think grandpa understood than?

I hade 2 comments on last blog posting — one from Shannon and one from Marc – Marc, the stones are Drummond Pudding Stones   Will research and tell u more later And I will bring u some  next time I see u. Or get grandma to send some via snail mail! Or over night  do u think grandpa would understand – he did carry rural mail with horse and buggy Shannon thanks for nice words about blog and we will drive with the best care I can and we are enjoying the trip so far.

Oh I do miss working, clowning, training, playing with Perla and I am so in debt to my friends for boarding, tending, caring, loving her.  Only because of their care and generosity can I be here on the road and still live the animal life on Drummond. Thanks, Thanks.  Some day I want to write to u about loving, enjoying, getting support from, and having a life with animals. I will also comment on my experience at the SPCAwell, what I wanted to show u did not get here yet so just be reminded by me to go out an cloud watch today and study this cloud – I see many things  but I must get on the road now and eat a free breakfast snack  finally got photos from the iCloud in the sky!classy hotels to me are those that have big enough letters on shampoo bottle for me to read while standing in shower with no contacts in!

Nice sun rise reflection , but ain’t Whitney Bay

Now – is this a nice breakfast – I added cream cheese Wow! – now we go !