From TGO – Sept 26, 2013 – Cloudy and no rain – Very Busy

Today 1. Questions for you.  2 Smart dogs  3. Things ladies and Grandpas need to learn 4. The Homestead

Today 1. Questions for you.  IMG_00000278Heather sent me this photo – She said it is because I often tell you in this Blog that I did it my way — Frank was the singer  – It was real rewarding to me to hear someone say – while they were out and about they remembered my blog — Really glad you sent it to me, Heather.

Now the question folks — How did she get this photo?  I know. Here is a hint:  Madame Tussauds.

I tweaked the photo just a little. Now that brings up a new question who sang and “danced” “Me and My Shadow”.  Was it a new group? Here is a hint:

the new rat pack 2. Smart dogs  Now, let me move to a new photo Heather also sent.


She says “I see this lady in town a lot with this dog. I think it is about as cute as a dog gets.”

I call it smart. Why? Because, it does not have to walk. It gets to ride while it’s person (human) has to walk. Last year I went to an art show with Grandma — My focus last about 10 minutes – so I took out my trusty camera and photographed 25 smart dogs. I displayed them on the SPCA web site — they were a hit — Now I say to you – any time you are out and about and the ones you are with are focused on something and you are killing time – select a photo target – see what you get — the target could be smart dogs, dumb dogs, mushrooms, birds, garbage, leaves that are not green,…………. what ever . It is fun say I.

Most cats are smart.

Most cats are smart.

Most horses do not get carried around - Dumb horse.
Most horses do not get carried around – Dumb horse.

3. Things ladies and Grandpas need to learn I was sent this photo of Caroline shopping — smart – all women need to learn the art of shopping!  Well, I did tweak the photo a little to prove that this Grandpa loves the natural  art of carrying shopping bags for beautiful ladies. – and he knows that boots and Jean jackets are a must. – Would not want embarrass anyone by looking out of style.cjnycblog

4. The Homestead In 1903 Grandpa said “Jan 6. Snowed slowly all day. All pupils present except Chas Shaffer. In evening did the chores, chopped chestnut tree down and cleaned cellar. Ellen Baked.”

Jan. 7 Wed. Snowed and stormed all day. not so cold. Sent 8 bu. potatoes to Hooversville and bought flour and feed. Got quarter of beef at home. School about all present. Chopped tree down in evening. Ellen not feeling well.”

Hey folks  – I got to go — need to put laundry in dryer, get mail  – rest – have a glass of wine – take clothes out of dryer, and read few pages on Thomas Jefferson – “The Art of Power”  by Jon Meacham – Pulitzer Prize winner.

Good Night!

Good Night!


  1. Hey. That was fun!! I am amazed that u could put yourself in picture in Nyc. Really looked real!! I don’t remember seeing Sammy Davis Jr! Ha

  2. I clearly don’t know how far one can go with photo montage. I was a little fooled by Jim’s “Nature preserve” add on to my El Train Shot, and now I thought at first that Heather has a young friend who is a Frank Sinatra impersonator.

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