This is an image to say “Homeward Bound”

Guess what Grandpa wrote on June 10, 1903? U got it — no change

“Took log to Hillsboro. Worked around home and plowed for buckwheat after supper.  Rained and hailed at noon.”

Today I am trying to do the total Blog on my iPad, with a new piece of software. U mite ask “Why”. Please do. In the mean time I will see if I can come up with an answer.  

U may notice my short hand — same as I use in texting to the kids — they seem to demand it.  But I find it hard to perfect the change, but I try.  This old man has lived in, and really enjoyed, numerous communities. – from a homestead in Pa to the suburbs of New York City to Islands in the ocean to a Texas ranch to a Great Lakes island. Still I resist change – just like everybody else.  I c u r confused – what the hell am I talking about?  My horse Perla, of course. Well maybe any horse. I am really learning a lot about a horses resistance to change –  and mine 2.

Last year I built the large beautiful corral (the one filled with the beautiful flower weeds in the header to this blog-I tell folks I built it to house the flowers – they just shake their heads and and show great sympathy for that poor dumb old man from down below – below the mackinaw bridge that is ) for Perla but as of yet it not used — because she is herd and barn bound – she is home bound. She goes bonkers if removed from the herd. Did u ever sit upon a 1000 pound horse and say “get up” and nothing happens?  Then slap her on the rump and just like a rock u r at the same spot on this large earth as you were. Try kicking – nothing   –  try screaming “get-up” loud enough to scare the birds and bears in the forest — four feet crushing the same yellow flower stems as before.  

Look at this – Pure contentment at home. No trips to W’Al-mart, no rush hour traffic, no airport screens. Not even a tv full of advertisements.  WOW!

Not at his home. Bet this guy is colored to b at home on the forest floor where he would b well hidden. But , guess he came here to look for food. Bugs by the porch lite!  His hunger drove him to change – or his desire for a new menu.  What ever he did change.  That door mat does not match his color.

Bye 4 now and I will keep u informed of my passion 2 get Perla to consider me a friend and my coral a temporary home away from her peaceful home and horse friends.  and I must tell u of yesterday’s trail ride — few have had such an experience — I feel fortunate to have the opportunity!  Keep going till next Daily News.4939664