Hello and a Happy New Year 2012.  I have been sitting here reading and thinking about the new year and  “What am I going to write about — something profound I hope.”  Guess I will just start rambling and see where it takes me (or us.)

I will also show you a few photos of a New Years day in Florida — All taken on a round of golf in our community. Please do not ask the score!

I was reading in the news that lots of New Years resolutions were put on the table last night — I know one thing — if you make the same resolutions each year, you sure picked good ones!!

but say I, “Why do we make resolutions anyway?”  There are many answers to answer that question. But, I will speak to just two reasons:

1. A reason for a resolution is to live a healthier life  — that means doing things and making decisions that give us peace of mind, purpose, energy, and laughter.  (and of course have long life under these conditions)

2. An other reason for a resolution is to please others — hopefully, in such a way that we have peace of mind, purpose, energy , and laughter ourselves.

Hey, you know,  I can combine those two reasons into one reason for making a resolution  — since they appear have the same words.

— Therefore, I resolve to try to do things and make decisions (and for a long time thereafter) that focus on my health and in turn please others whom I share lifes happenings with in 2012.  Hope I can bring laughter to all  Hey,  not laughing at me but with me. OK?

Now for the photos “Shot during the round of golf today” : Hope they bring some laughter – they did to me!  Click on photo to enlarge. — Return arrow to return.

 The birds dress formal on the golf course.

  Never loose a golf ball!

 Did you say “Never loose a golf ball?”

 I said “NEVER, NEVER loose a golf ball!”

 Eagle looking for dinner  or  a golf ball.

 Which one said, “Why are we doing a line dance anyway?”

 “Got it” —  Practice makes perfect!

 Waiting for dinner  or  a golf ball.

 Some people even play golf!

See ya — Next time  Oh, you can see more photos at MY BLOG FOR TGOPHOTO CLUB