This is a test of Cloud Stream Photos

Hey, you might wonder why it was great.  Guess I will try to capture some of it in text for you!

Well, the day actually started yesterday around noon. Had some great visits early on.  Then……

Then around 1:30 I  started an episode with Sears that lasted until around 3:30 today. It took that long to get a tool box purchased (two parts of stainless steel at approx 200 pounds each) for my wife’s art and rug hooking studio — brought it home in my SUV (two trips) assembled and creatively placing one upon the other singlehanded  — found big mfg flaw — unassembled — returned – exchanged  — re-place 200 pounds on to top of base — reassembled and yea — serves the intended purpose greatly!!!  See  — a great day it was so far.  but there is more …

Next visited some more and then to the golf course for … well bet you think for golf … well sort of … but bear with me — I feel like telling you a bunch of philosophy thoughts first!

You see we have eyes, ears, touch, (and other senses that I may talk to later) — But I was thinking in this day of digital stuff everywhere in our lives we might be over stimulated with stuff that does not really make us feel good and happy.

So I went looking for things I could do to find “feel good” environments and select out the “not feel good” stuff.

So, I mostly turn off TV — most news, I think is designed to scare me — if I do not take the pill or eat the right stuff , or look like the folks on the advertisements, I missed the boat.   Plus, Twelve people in the central Florida area were either shot, arrested, kidnapped, falsely arrested, or something bad happened to them — God, that scares me — off with the TV!

I have tons of radio stations with music in my iTunes, and Pandora — all but a few are designed to scare me — bad rap, load noise — stuff that is not feel good to me — so turn the dial (Change the digits).

–but I found several stations that have great instrumentals and the sounds of nature in the background — birds chirping, water falls, ocean waves — stuff like that and I did find some real lively country and bluegrass — — you know that stuff makes me feel good — like singing and dancing — so I listen — did not turn them off.  but I was selective!.

I mentioned nature in the music — well, that makes me think of animals — just the other day I did it myself,  and I observed another doing it, I mean, feel good just touching and rubbing a dog  — I am sure the feeling of touch is good   — So I keep touching and petting dogs! Did not tun them off.

Now to nature — Golf courses are a good place to enjoy nature in many heavy populated areas like Florida.  I know we sometimes view them as killing fields — gotta get the better score — nothing wrong with that but — today — as I said “A great day it was” I spent 2-3 hours just golfing a little but mostly enjoying the nature of the course  — not just wild life but views that made me enjoy it — So I stayed on the course — did not turn it off!

You know the digital stimulation that we get so much of is aimed at reaching our enjoyment of environment —  if you go to an advertisement — the background is designed to touch your emotion  — I went to the Ford web site on the internet just to test my thoughts about enjoyment of environment  — trucks had mountains in the back ground — sedans had beautiful shots of the city skyline, Minivans had very happy children in the back ground, Jeeps had beautiful rocks and mountain streams,  and so forth  — each designed to make us feel good about having that automobile in our life — even if our kids (Grandkids) are not always happy like the one in the advertisement .

So say I — the golf course is my environment today — I looked at the “feel good” emotion environmental spots on the golf course — enjoyed them all —  I will put 5 or 6  photos below so that you may enjoy some of the special environments offered by these great inventions called golf courses!:

 Tranquil trees and water.Bet you would love that environment.

 Tree killed by lightening -but the  birds love it — I think it is neat!

 Great Golf cart bridge -natural swamp beneath – Is that a great environmental spot or what?

 Sandhills watching gator swim by — love their concentration

 Love this  S-curve cart path

 Sunset over 6 – time to call it the  “great day that it was”

See you next time!  Think about your environment — I be sending you more environment photos next time.