You know, (Hey remember the “you” for later on), the beauty of this place I live in and the fact that I will soon be traveling around, I just had to go purchase an iPhone — not to talk on — but to take pictures with! See gator below — which I never would have been able to take without a camera phone because I do not walk around with a camera in my pocket.

This week I had an early morning call from a neighbor to come to his backyard and take a photo of a fawn asleep there! I did. Sunday I  had the pleasure of a game of golf. On fairway # 9  my partner spotted a very large gator.  So, enjoy the photos from my iPhone. In each case there is one long shot and one close up. Click on photos to enlarge them!

Awe Geeze! Oops.    Enlarge the photo below and study the gator’s mouth

“Hey partner would you please help me — I think I know where my ball landed —  if YOU move it for me, do I need to take a penalty stroke?”

The letter “Y” is my second letter for this blog series

— it makes me think of the word “You”

After deep, deep thought I think You is the most powerful word in the social English language.  It is used to focus all the emotion that can be mustered up.  So use it with caution. I say to you again USE IT WITH CAUTION!

Think of it as a loaded gun. Point it only at appropriate targets, be ready to deal with the consequents, and be ready to reap the pure joy of a properly aimed “You”.  —

I will help YOU, YOU make me happy, YOU are great, YOU look pretty today, YOU are a good person because YOU are good to people, I like YOU.    — Now ask yourself if these words made you a friend to someone?

Now try the opposite  YOU fill in the blanks:

I am not going to ________YOU, YOU make me _____, YOU are ______, YOU are _____,  YOU _______  ______ people, I ____ YOU.      —Now ask yourself if these words made you a friend to someone?

Power is in you hands —I mean in your words!

Next letter is “W”   not sure yet what to do with “X” so I think I will skip it.