Nov 20, 2013 – Floors are coming up today – Much banging!

Here is source of noise - I really think the new curved design is great!!!

Here is source of the noise – I really think the new curved design will be great – Of course it will, I designed it!

Yesterday I got to thinking international and the effect that international marketing has had on our lives. Fifty years ago – Fifty years ago! can’t believe it — I know where I was when Kennedy was shot.  I watched a documentary on it until almost mid-night last night — —-well between naps I watched it!

Anyway, fifty years ago things were different — today we have more global communications, global transportation, global financing and WalMart – we can buy buy many different shoe styles — My friends in Stonewall Texas did not offer a 1,000 different styles in their General Store – so all our feet looked pretty much the same back then!meal 1

How about food – Today, we have 1,000 of choices. When I traveled, I enjoyed the local food of the country I happened to be spending the night in. I did that because, back home in those days,  we all ate a limited selection of food  — what ever the local market offered.

So last night – to study the impact of the globalizing, — I decided to see if I could travel vicariously through food purchased right here in Florida — purchased at a normal old local chain store – so off I went —  and – cooked my international meal — Here is what I purchased  – and prepared. – Say I to me — “This vicarious experience must keep portions small or I won’t be” – So I did.

MAIN COURSE – (Lots to eat – but keep portions small!!)

1. Australia – Lamb chops

2. France – Bagaette

3. California – Broccoli

4. Italy – Olive oil to toss raw broccoli

5. Israel – Salt to toss with olive oil and broccoli

4. Spain – A glass of red wine


5. Mexico – Tortilla chip

6. Switzerland – Cheese

7. India – A glass of beer while cooking  (India Pale Ale – Actually Brewed in Atlanta Georgia)


8. Wisconsin – Cottage cheese

9. Canada – Blue berries

10. Florida – Orange blossom honey

AFTER DESERT (While Watching documentary on Alaska fishing)

11. Colombia  – Coffee

12. U.K. – Dark Chocolate (I picked it up – but put it down — had too much to eat already)

WOW, In a couple of hours, last evening, I took one long and very enjoyable vicarious gourmet travel delight!  Grandpa would not understand!

From the HOMESTEAD 1900 AD

Jan 18: Weather same as before. Bought over-shoes at Harding’s for 75 cents.

Jan 19: Bought shoe repair tacks for 10 cents.

Feb 17: Bought 2 3/4 pound chuck – paid 28 cents.

Feb 24: Paid 50 cents for Baby a pair of shoes.

Feb 26: 15 cents for peanuts and candy.

March 8: Butchered hog. Made sausage. Went hunting in afternoon.

Now 1901

Jan 19: Bought cow for $42 ***he did not say if it was to eat or to provide milk

Jan31:  Ellen **(Grandma) finished making shoes for Paul.

Feb 1: Bought oil and cheese for 30 cents.

Feb 13: Baked Ginger snaps.

Some of this one makes sense to me but not all of it????

Feb 18: Was at Scalp in evening. Fire and powder explosion at Thirty. Great excitement. Citizens had meeting at school house. Paid 5 cents for candy and 4 cents for tobacco for **(??) to wash cow.


Scalp = Scalp Level – a small mining town in Pa.

Thirty = A mining town built by the Berwind White Coal Company at the enterence to their mine shaft #30.

Citizens = Noticed that there was an election the next day – maybe that is why they met.

Tobacco and wash cow ?? i did not get that?

I have many pens and pencils under way - using leather, antlers, and wood -- polly and wax finish - so off I go again!

I have many pens and pencils under way – using leather, antlers, and wood — polly and wax finish – so off I go again!


  1. I bought a pair of over-shoes to wade/fish with my son. they are made out of a synthetic material now and still leak after a year or so of casual use. What in heaven did they make over-shoes out of in 1900?

  2. You could open a restaurant. Yum.

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