PhotoShop helps me tell you a story through Digital Photo-Art.

Oh my, I told my friend – “Look, she smiled at me” – My friend said “That is nothing, I laughed out loud when I first saw you”

Breakfast for three – Cow #203, Dyna, and me.

Oh my – Christmas

Jim’s art: “P & S – Pondering and Sleeping”

Jim’s art: “To Greener Pastures”

Jim’s art: Texas ranch armadillo

Jim’s art: Cow #207203 from my Texas ranch. We did not name our cows – we gave them a number – month and year of birth and month plus year of birth of their Mom.

Jim’s art -” Perla at Neiman Marcus Christmas”


Jim’s “Singing for his supper”

Jim’s “Black Crowned Night Heron”

Jim’s art  “Two Steeds”

Jim’s art “Rodeo Spotlight”

The deer says: This is my road, you with the bright eyes – get out of my way!

Seen in Lake Huron – a whale

Do you think seed pods talk – what about anyway?

Wow – No hint of a long winter’s depression here in my Florida Community.


9/11 memorial and a NYC airport

Dog lovers love the front to sit with friends

Dog lovers think this way

Gloria, Heather, and me (at the camera) at a great restaurant in what I call NYC – They call it the suburb

An enthusiast shared his hobby with us (Me at the camera again)

Love Florida rain storm from my front porch

Florida knows that this is the age of world travelers.

Georgia knows that this is the age of world travelers