JIM’S DAILY — Super Bowl Ads What fun — and East coast won — what fun Nothing against California ….But…..

I am not an artist or photographer …but…I am always thinking of the story the photo might tell!  Hey, at least 3 of the ads, I think, related to my previous blog pages:

1.   I told you it is MY dog when it breaks into the cupboard  for a box of cereal. I loved the Dorito goat — MY goat!  Love MY goat (dog)!

2.   I showed you that a smile on a face at the right time communicates.  In the Audi ad, did the black eye on the young man’s face communicated that his courage and confidence came from driving the Audi and he loved it.  At least Audi bet 4 million $ to communicate that — Love MY Audi!

3.   I saw the Clydsdale running to the trainer — communication of successful training — well, I am just a wannabe — don’t think this shaggy horse would come to me like that unless, of course, I was handing out horse cookies .. But ..Love MY horse anyway!
jim standing

That makes me think about things  —   women having the right to fight  — Really, by putting them into battle, that is saying they have the right to kill other people. I guess that is not so strange — but, I do not like it in our species.

The animal species is different. — Think, now …..In the animal world it is a war zone — and animals have the right to kill other animals equal to and further down the  up the food chain— why?  Like my horse — food is important  ….   food and to assure reproduction of the species  …..   really for the right to eat and the right to make love.

In the last couple of days I got these pictures on our golf course in late afternoon — and I thought about that poor bunny and what  SHE had to do just to make sure her babies had food (milk) that night and and make sure that she was still around to meet her buck to assure the reproduction of yet another bunch of babies ( a bunch of bunnies is called a herd and babies are called kits, mom is a doe, and pop is a buck) — ’cause I bet not too many of the current herd of kits will be around to have their own kits and enjoy the nice green fairway grass  — gators, hawks, bobcats, snakes all gotta eat!   Did the montage below communicate —- bunny needs to keep a watchful eye just to eat and make love in yet another day?

Take note of the hawks — 1minute prior to that photo, he flew in and did not land on the wire — but landed in such a way to assure reproduction — it did not take long for that quickie — and just look at their faces  He is as proud as the black eyed audi kid and she might be saying  — “I better get my feathers back in place — they look a little disheveled.”   And she got them in place by gyrating her body a little like Beyonce on the half-time stage at the SuperBowl.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) food chain

I think this bull is saying “Stay away from my food and my women!”4940513  Adios!!

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  1. Hey, Enjoyed your pictures and thoughts!. Great to see your pretty Dog Dyna in there. Now, I have a u tube video to see. If we are talking about language, imagine if you had to rely on lip reading for language – and facial expression. Imagine the room for misinterpretation. Check out “Bad Lipreading NFL” This is funny.

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