JIM’S DAILY — The topic is Cold -or- Hold-on and enjoy -or- Summer will come to the north -or- Maybe it is here now -or- Be serious and FOCUS!

Hey folks HOLD ON AND ENJOY WHAT EVER WEATHER YOU GOT– just talked to my friends on Drummond Island  — they are having a real warm spell — up to almost 30 degrees.  Took off their hat and gloves and said “WOW what a warm day!”

Now folks, think about Sunday here in Florida — may not make it to 60 degrees.  I plan to put on my hat and gloves — maybe even long-jons for my golf game -or- is it a tour of the cow pasture as I call it (the 18 hole one).

Boy are we wimps, or what?  But, I am not the only wimp around. “There are gators, birds, eagles, ospreys, frogs, skinks, — all kinds of animals that say No No NO to the cold.

Actually, I think enjoying the tour of the golf course is half the game — (Is that why they call it being on tour?) —  Being around animals and nature is a good reason to play golf.  I fear I drive my golf partner crazy by taking photos and thinking of things other then the game — I should focus on the game.  Cause, what I hear when I am taking the second tee shot, after the first one went into the lake, “NOW, JUST FOCUS!”

Here are a few photo shots from one or two recent trips from my house and around 18 holes of my cow pasture — and on my return to see the sunset!

Two of the shots were taken last year in the cow pasture.  I put them in this blog because I hope you relate to  the one duck that is out-of-step — doing it’s own thing.  Of course the ball outside the hiding tortoise or turtle was a plant by one of us! I put it in this blog to demonstrate the seriousness of my game.


frog Resting to watertort

jdthechaseison1_1 Cart penquin 2 DSCN0105
Cart ducks in line almost iphoto Cart never loose a ball 3
DSCN0362 DSCN0386DSCN0358

anm14b Hold on tight — enjoy the ride, the weather, and your tour through life!

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  1. Love to read your blog. Always insightful.

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