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Was yesterday a great day or what?  Was it a WOW?   … Hey, I am not selling anything   — Just thinking!

If not a WOW day, ask why? Would a stroll in nature help — maybe a pet stroll?  Not selling the idea — Only thinking!

NAP is Nature and Pets of course! I am not sure what defines a pet — does a human have to own it or can the human just see it from time to time?

I have been writing about, what I think, is an increase in animals in the the citified areas or not-so-rural places to live.   I think some of us really appreciate animals but take them for granted — we assume that they will just be there. Sort of like wall paper or art (pictures) hanging on the wall.

Can this casual wallpaper relationship make all of these animals our pets and all we have to do is to donate $ or pay taxes to the nature and wildlife arms of our governments.  No poop pick-up for us!

Years ago, in the country everyone had dogs and cats around the house — sometimes just to control vermin and provide protection from whatever?  and before that — way back — only 100 years or so  ago — most people moved about upon or behind a horse!  Today we do not need the horse — or dogs or cats to control vermin – the motorized contraptions take us anywhere we want to go and there are  other ways of purchasing protection from vermin and whatever.  So, I began to wonder, what role do animals play in our individual lives — are we a society of “Haves” and “Have Nots” .–  The “Haves” are the ones  who know or think they know what role animal pets play?

This is the first time in my many years of recent life, that I have not had Jim’s daily animal responsibility  — and I think I am really impacted by that.  I know that in a few months I will go back to horse responsibility — but for these months now, MY dog and MY horse are taken care of by others.  So, I am like an in-between language — I  am an in-between “have” and “have-not” pet person.

So, if you do not mind, please “reply” to this blog with your thoughts — Did you help spend the 50 Billion estimated below? Is it of value it to you — Do you enjoy the pets of others?  Do you enjoy the animals in the wild (animals out in nature).    Or ,is it better to not spend money and tax dollars on non-human creatures?

According to the American Pet Products Association,  we in the USA, spent over 50 billion dollars on pets last year.

And, according to them, this many MILLIONS of households had animals:

Bird                              5.7
Cat                               38.9
Dog                              46.3
Equine                          2.4
Freshwater Fish            11.9
Saltwater Fish               0.7
Reptile                          4.6
Small Animal                 5.0

That does not include cows, llamas, emus  — all of which,were at one time or other, a part of my “Haves”   So, I expect we could add numerous rows to the above chart!jpg no post running horseNow, I am not a real “dog in my face” sort of person —  But, I think these faces tell a story about the value of the $50 billion spent by  the “Haves” caught with their pets at an SPCA public fun-raiser event  So, I bet you can add a lot of donated $ to the 50 Billion spent:2 33 37 88adios  Adios

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  1. every day is a WOW day!!

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