Grandpa never wrote much about adversity.  The most he seemed to write about was bad weather.

Feb 11, 1903 he wrote “Foggy and cold rain in evening. All pupils in school. Was going to haul ice after school but it rained — adverse weather put a stop to those plans.”

May your adverse situations be only an inconvenience to your daily routine.

So, I scanned my photo files to see what adverse things I photographed – hope none were too serious.

OOPS – a little windy today.adverse tree overHard to find a little grass with all this snow.

adverse snow over grass That fishing line on my leg makes me work hard to get air born.adverse gull hook “HOT OIL WARNING LIGHT” –A safe emergency landing on our golf course by a young lady pilot.  And I missed an easy putt.  Blame it on the helicopter.adverse chopper downSame hole a month or so later. And I missed an easy putt.  Blame it on the rain.  You may have noticed — In the game of golf, “blame” is always good.advers rain golf“My antler and ear show what it takes to be a winner.  You still want to be a winner?”
s buckyA winner!

adverse nose

OK, I quit — You are the winner!
adverse to talk about it

We agree — Let us all try to be joint winners.bunnies

So,  dam it —agree with me!4940513