I love the mysteries of life — .

Today I had a mystery of life happen to me.  Did the washer eat my sock?  Did the dryer eat it? — How can I loose a sock between my dirty laundry  basket and the dry cycle of the dryer??? This happens to me often– and that is a mystery of life!

But I found the missing sock stuck in the sleeve of my PJ’s tonight.  Mystery solved.

Now a new mystery — why is it that we see roads in front of us, tree lines, landscapes, and houses, but we do not naturally  see the sky — unless it is bright red and every thing reflects the red color?   So, I turned to the web, Google and typed in something like “eye placement in the head”.  I summary it said –We are predator animals so our eyes are in the front of our head so we can see the ones we chase.  Horses are prey animals so their eyes are on the side of their head.  They need to see every where to find and flee from those chasing them. Gator’s eyes are on top of their head so they can lay submerged and still see around them and find food —  and so on about eye placement for survival.

So, instead of hunting animals,  I have been looking up and hunting clouds because we do not naturally look up at the sky to survive and see the landscape in the sky. I want to show you just a few sky photos — after viewing these,  hold our head up high and go and find more for yourself — and please tell me of your finds:

Every day cloud beautiful pattern

Every day clouds beautiful patterns

A flying ship

A flying air ship

An spout

A spout in the sky

A Duck

A duck in the sky

Cart eagle for web

Here’s looking down at you — Bye!