I just added this singer because I was about to do some house work and that is when I turn on the music channel.  They say that listening to music is one of the best ways to make you happy.  Can you vision iPod in ear, and me  dancing around the house with broom in hand?

BUT only if we are modern enough to load up the ipad, iphone, ipod, android and we have  3G or 4G, or can find pandora, or XXXX. or connect to dish, or wifi, or utube, or the cable.

What LANGUAGE is that last paragraph all about?  I know,  It is the new in-between language.  In-between english and tech nerds.

Change is fun for us older folks.  I love it.  Life would be boring if we did not have all this new stuff!  Love it But i think I may be loosing ground.

For example, This month I decided to purchase a new camera to replace the stolen SRL — you know what an SRL is and why it is better then a Point and Shoot with a 3″ elections led window.  Hey, Grandpa explain all of that to me.

Anyway I got a point and shoot.  Just point the camera at all those faces standing together at a family gathering — and, wow you have a picture to give everyone a copy.  But only, after you download via a USB cable or wirelessly, or via bluetooth then upload via photo-stream to  icloud, or yahoo, or google, so that family members can down load via photo stream to their iphone or their android.  Sure hope they paid extra so their DSL is fast enough to stay with in their shared minutes!  So I will text the family members that have not “unfriended” me  that the photos are waiting for them on google.

Oh, by the way last night I decided to down load the instruction manual for my new simple point and shoot — 360  pages of pure technical jargon:  Why, Just on page one I found these terms: Fn(Func)button, GPS antenna, USB/Audio connector, HDMI mini Type C connector, optional AC adapter, AF-assist illuminator, Diopter adjustment control, DISP button, AE/AF-L indicator.  That is a lot of instruction pages for a simple point and shoot camera!

If I study 10 pages per day that is over a month. But,  I have many other things to do  — So, maybe I can only study one page per day — That is one year to learn my new camera — which has a technical life if 18 months — then it will be obsolete and I get to start over!

Anyway I must  text family  — maybe I best learn some new text words:  Found on the web 36 pages of “texting words” at 25 per page = 900 “texting words”– Just for fun and practice,  I will try to make a “text sentence” now: JML I will FEAR 2 hit PB.

The translation : “Just My Luck, I will Forget Everything And Run to hit Panic Button.

Forget the PB – my Muz (music) got me dancing  again”!

But, I am so busy learning the in-BETW (in-between) language I have given up on sleeping! AAMOF (as a matter of fact) I feel today like I did this yesterday! anm14bWhen that  happens I find a couple of my old nature photos and enjoy them: (U can clk to enlarge photo )s big flightCart ducks in line iphoto