Maybe a new letter to write about is the thing I should do.

Lets try “U”!    U  is short for You in the text message the grandkids send me.  Miss Landis, my 5th grade teacher would not have passed me to the 6th grade if I tried to write U for You! Even if she wanted me out of her 5th grade room and the only way to get rid of me was to “pass” me onto grade 6.

NapperI got a new camera — a Nikon 510 — I needed to replace the SRL Nikon stolen by whom  I assume was NC rednecks — Anyway I was dumb for putting my camera in such a place that it could be stolen so easily — but that is another story when I get to the letter S.

Love that new camera so far — it is really a point and shoot that is trying to be an SRL.  With a 42x optical lens (that is 1,000 mm)  unheard of when I bought the SRL 8 years ago! Thanks NC folks  for helping me get a new camera by stealing the 8 year old camera. — I hope U got lots of drugs for that antique camera U stole and I hope U enjoy the jail cell U got yourself into —  when the pawn shop found a revolver hidden in the case with the camera.  G, I hear the law was not too happy with U — Yea!!

I love golf and my golf cart –But, maybe golf and golf carts are just another way to get me out there taking pictures of things that do not move. U C, that is my line — I only shoot things that do not move — and with a 1,000 mm lens,  most animals just ignore me and do their own thing — mostly they do not move  because I am so far away, they are not frightened by me taking their picture. — AND if they do move in my direction, I am far enough away that I can run and they will not get to eat me!!

letsswim copyHope this guy does not move in my direction! (Shot with the SRL that was stolen)jdsnake an1_11This guy was shot with my iphone.gator ball for blog