Serenity before the trail ride.

Go where? You got a problem — Not me — Must be your problem!

Tuesday, I worked very hard getting Perla to go where I wanted her to go — away from the barn and the other horses.  Did most of it by using my body, in the saddle, guiding her hind quarters and front quarters with my rump and legs — so much so that I woke up that night with muscle cramps (Charlie Horses)  — Yipes, so bad I wondered if a 911 call was in order?

When horses do not want to leave the barn and/or their buddies — that is called “Barn Sour or Buddy Sour” Well Perla is the greatest horse when on the trail with her buddies — but alone — not good at all — She is Sour.

She just refuses to move — and when a 1,000 pound horse does not want to move — Guess what? ……..U got it!  It is that simple.

Perla says “What problem U got?  I got no problem. I am going rest my 1000 pound body right here near the barn and soon I will get up and munch grass with my buddies.  Hell, the problem is all yours not mine!!!  — Why don’t you go fix it.  Just stay at home and have tea and a snack with your buddies — your world and my world would be much better.”

In Feb 1903 Grandpa wrote: “Ellen and I went to town in sleigh.  Ellen bought many articles for house. Very cold and rough. Bought mare off John Pender for $187.50 and bought blanket for $1.75.”

Wonder if the mare was sour?  Oh, by the way Ellen is Grandma and in 1903 they just completed building a house and barn next door to the old homestead which I was born on.

Till tomorrow!

Till tomorrow!