Yesterday I learned a lot about training a horse to into a trailer — maybe not enough to be fully successful — but I hope enough to trailer Perla to the Parade on the 4 of july – We always ride in that.  I will explain what I learned at another time   — But the foundation of my learning centered on this thinking:

I am the problem, not the horse — of course after 6 hours of rough trail – I was not in the same frame of mind as I am when loading the trailer at the barn before a ride — I am sure I was anxious about it — what do we do if my horse does not enter trailer — do we have to ride back to barn — all of that anxious thinking demonstrated lack of confidence  and horses can pick up on lack of confidence because they depend on the head horse to be confident and protect her and the herd.

— if that confidence is not there — then what —- You got it — Perla takes over the leadership role — and says she as the new leader “I sure as hell ain’t going to lead that fearful man into that cave where there might be a bear waiting to eat us. I am a good leader.”

Rusty old cave with maybe a bear in there!

Rusty old cave with maybe a bear in there!

So, I demonstrated confidence yesterday — hopping into the trailer beside perla — showing no fear of entering that small cave with a 1,000 pound crazy animal that may panic and stomp all over me like one did in Texas once to beak and arm and do even more damage — not me —  I hid all fear — kept it inside me and sweated a lot but  I hid it!!! Yep — I ain’t afraid of nottin — not me boy — what fun — cause it worked — together we entered the cave — success is always fun — hope we — me and Perla — can continue our success program!  We will see.

Just be wise and think relax  like me - no fear -- thats all you have to do.

Just be wise and think relax like me – no fear — thats all you have to do.

Now for what went on in 1903 June 19 thru 23:

19.  Plowed for buckwheat – to Hillsboro for lumber and milk trough.

20. Sold two turkeys = 31 1/2 # – 12 cents.  Schoolboard meeting to sell contract for new school building a Menges .  Cow came fresh.

22. Put milk trough in cellar. Hauled props. Borrowed $50 from Harvey Shaffer. Bought potatoes for 60 cents, plow point 30 cents, and pop for 5 cents.

23. Rained in forenoon. Afternoon I took two small logs to Hillsboro and got them sawed and plained for boardwalks. Bought 14# lard from Grand mother. Paid $2.00 for it.

That is life on a homestead in Pennsylvania mountains in 1903.  How much of that stuff did you do in June 19 – 23, 2013 — It is only 110 years later U know.



& thought of that smile.