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Yesterday was a sad day.  Perla lost her toy — Remember when you got a toy – as a child or maybe as an adult, you know what I mean,  when you got that new fancy vehicle like  a convertible,  a jeep, a pickup  — and all of a sudden the spouse is driving it — u end up driving that old clunker with no air conditioning and springs sticking through the seats!!!  That is what I call a sad day!

First I want to tell you that John Deere lawn tractors have the HOT MUFFLER in the front of the tractor. What do you think happened — I did not have camera in hand so I had to recreate the crime scene in Photo shop — Digital journalism I call it — hope you can figure out what happened.

Look at the heading picture.  Then look at the following two story photos and for each of them, tell me what you think the tractor driver/ball owner is saying (remember, he owned the ball for only 24 hours) –Then tell me what you think Perla is saying,  then how about the pony in the back ground.

As you form your thoughts to send to me , you may consider Carroll Bryant‘s expression:

“Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, ‘What the hell just happened?”

The Challenge!!!

The Challenge!!!

The Looser or the Crime Scene, or I did not mean to do that.

The Looser or the Crime Scene, or I did not mean to do that.



  1. June teenth day in Texas

  2. No wonder Perla is “sour”. You burst her bubble. Shame on you.


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