I just re-read my last page –on this blog. It made me realize that my library of photographs on my various computer storage devices are almost all taken outside and almost all are of trees, rocks, and Flowers. Think I like to photo things that do not move away from me just as I am about to snap the shutter.  I have no idea why I am telling you all this.  Well maybe I do, am reflecting again.  Like, I wish I had more photos of the action in nature.  VIDEO! YEA!

Like yesterday, I was eating a snack while overlooking the lake behind the house. A dozen birds (looked like large shore-birds — Plovers maybe — you know the kind that run up to the wave fading out on the sand ) were flying over the water and diving into the lake – time after time — catching little fish, I assume – but I know my words nor a photograph could convey the beauty of such a site. So I have been thinking about using video — I plan to take a seminar on videoing — it is being offered at the Florida Birding and Wildlife Festival -I volunteer there and get to attend some of the seminars that I select t.

Maybe Jim’s daily will show action soon.  I know I have technical “Blog” hurdles to overcome before I can show video — so I am taking a “Blogging” seminar too. Lookout action may soon be on Jim’s daily?

What do you think?  Are these photos made for video instead of still photos??  Click photo to enlarge it.   THANKS


What ever,  golf, a walk in the park, I don’t care — there are many fun nature things to see, share, enjoy, record, and reflect upon!

 Now, do you not wish I had a video camera to show you what happened next —  in living color and with sound?   That gator in the pond is is going to swim away  BUT SURPRISE WATCHOUT behind you!

See you next time!