Good Morning – it is Friday July 12, 2013 – yesterday=people watch, 2day=different way to people watch

This week we have had the great gift of staying in a home while the owners were off doing what I call a family summer camp. I will tell u of that fantastic opportunity they have created 4 themselves and about some of my experiences visiting them at their summer camp – some smart experiences, some very dumb experiences, but all extremely fun experiences.

But back here at base camp! I toured this home 4 the sole purpose of watching the people that lived here when not at summer camp. Say u-how can u do that when they are away at summer camp.  By looking at the decor of the home  I did that, so let’s see what we find. So, pleas go on a people watching tour with me. 

But, first promise to tour u’r own home after u c my blog and see what a “people watcher” like me would see of U.

They love outdoors – c the b’fast table!


They love gardening – c b’fast deck with potted plants


They love their children – photos everywhere of them


They love to support their children – thing children have done hanging everywhere


They help children learn religion – a piece of children art work hanging

They love animals and books on raising children, gardening, animals

They love flowers and animals – the whole home is decorated with them.  I found Approx 50 animal/plant decor items throughout the house – of course I did not venture into private bedrooms – bet, they have same decor!

They really love animals – everywhere – we get 2 care 4 some – there is cat, chinchilla, fish bowl,,dog dishes, and more!

They have some gardening success – c this pretty rose by the b’fast table

I know what I c when I people watched these folks – sure hope u have as nice of thoughts of this home and the folks who create the home environment as I do.

know, people watching is fun! Now as I asked u to do – go forth and  “people watch” your own home.

flying thingI have no idea why I included this cloud photo – still waiting for Grandma tooth 2 get better – so, think I will try 2 do more sky watching – maybe storm approach this pm – while she in dentist chair! Sure hope I do not loose all this blog 2 the iPad mind U know it has a mind of it’s own!!!


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  1. Hey that was fun to see!! thank you for watching us and our house glad u didn’t include the dust balls in the corners and what that would all mean. And I was waiting to hear about your life guard experience. Many people yesterday evening inquired about u and how you are doing?? and who was that brave and crazy white haired man??!!

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