GMDI – Good morning – Aug 8, 2013 – Hello Lucas – Hope all is well and hope everyone is getting some sleep!

Breaking News — Back from Soo on 3:40 — will go help clean up poop in pasture after posting this-

Tomorrow we must go to the Soo on the 7:10  (Sault Ste Marie) to get our truck serviced at 9:00 am and for Grandma to deal with some art products she has in a gallery in the Soo. –  The Lake Superior State University purchased from the gallery one of her WaterColor PaintingsSo, lets congratulate her!-

In this blog, I will start to tell you of things I see that really are not there.

You see that is an inherited problem — at least the family story is that Grandpa — yes, the very same one the I post from his diary  — Fell from a church steeple while helping to roof it and broke is back?  he was delirious  for several days – and saw things in his room that were not there — After he recovered, the family teased him of being crazy those few days — you know it became sort of a family joke — so, just read about what I say that I see in these photos but do not tell others who may consider me crazy!

Please comment, to me, about your seeing things hidden in nature that others my not have seen. You can click the speak bubble above to comment.  Maybe you can make (or already have made) seeing hidden things in nature a hobby for your self .

What do you see?

What do you see?

I see a squid or jellyfish

CLOUD – I see a squid or jellyfish or some ocean creature!!

I c a face - Bet u do 2

STONE – I c a face – Bet u do 2

CLOUD - what do u c?

CLOUD – what do u c?

CLOUD - I c a fish
CLOUD – I c a fish – A Blue Gill I think — What do you think?

STICK - lets rotate

STICK – lets rotate

STICK - Now what do u c?

STICK – Now what do u c?

STICK - I c a bird head.

STICK – I c a bird head. — Can u c it?

Update just befor posting — Cloud watching is really is a fun hobby. But, It is probably worse then texting while driving — looking at clouds while driving — on the way back fron the Soo, i must have see a dozen things — will not tell you of them all due to what RORSCHACH TEST would reveal.

Has nothing to do with anything, but just read this Grandpa entry — “June 20, 1902  – At Hooversville. Sold two turkeys = 31 1/2 # 12cents  Cow came fresh.”

This question is for all Grand Kids, all children, and all adults — all others need not bother answering these questions:

1.  Was that 12 cents for two turkeys, or 12 cents each, or 31 1/2 # times 12 cents per pound?  —

2.  Do you know what he means “Cow came fresh”

Not exactly the 7:10 ferry -- but it will have to do for tonight  -- Happy hunting for things in nature!

Not exactly the 7:10 ferry — but it will have to do — Happy hunting for  things in nature that others may not see!


  1. Driving and photography make me a nervous passenger.

  2. # means pound. So 12 cents per? Fresh cow is just killed beef?

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