Question 1. – now that it is around 9:00 in the eastern time zone — are there any homes in the world that have already moved into Sept? — If not, at what time eastern will they moved into September?

Question 2. – What does the word “Transmogrify” mean? – How does it apply to your new hobby of cloud watching?

–Oops, I made an assumption that after all my blogs with clouds, you do look skyward more often – maybe, even enough to make cloud-watching an inexpensive hobby – inexpensive, if you do not run into a telephone pole while looking at the sky rather then watching where you are driving, riding, or walking!

Answer  to question 2 – Transmogrify =  to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect

Since Grandma is an artist there are many magazines on art around the house — she pointed out an article to me in the spring edition of The Drawing Magazine by a guy named Procter about a guy named Saltzman.  Saltzman, it says, is a distingueshed artist – with accolades such as a North Carolina Award in fine arts, The Mahler Gallery In Raleigh, and is a faculty member at U of NC.

Salltzman likes to paint nature — and rather then do it from photographs or from his memory – he goes out into nature to do his painting. Here is what he says “Sketching en plain air (Artist talk different then us normal folks) is inspiring, exhilarating, and exasperating. Nature is a shape-shifter. Trees sway in the breeze. Streams roil and foam. Clouds transmogrify. Light changes by the hour, sometimes by the minute.; color changes with the light.”

The article goes on to say he sketches and or draws what he sees, than goes to the studio and creates a piece of abstract art.   — for exampleDordogne5-OC-33x42-2004-2005-WEB

Alps  - Abstract - For sure in my mind - pretty ? first grade? award winning - Art is for sure in the EYES OF THE BEHOLDER.

This one is of the Alps – Abstract for sure – pretty ? first grade? award winning?  – But remember, the quality of art is in the EYES OF THE BEHOLDER.  – I bet he really likes – therefore, it is great art!

Love it — I can do what ever I want — If I like it, it is good! –right? — I shoot with camera (Sketch in Saltzman’s terms) then go to studio and create says Saltzman. ( I go to the computer and Photoshop the h… out of it in my terms) playingtwist this

Maybe I should take an art class at the University of Florida this winter. — what you think?

One more transmogrify — saw family of deer by my garden on a foggy morning — then focused in on one of the fawns — went to studio (computer) and saw what nature can do to your eye — does not the fern look like the baby fawn is a macho-man (Deer terms) with a big rack!— Light, background, a little Photoshop shadowing, and of course the moment transmogrified the tiny fawn into macho-man.  The moment was that the deer’s head just lined up with the fern when I hit the shutter button!

"The Fog Family"



You are now a member of the CYA club "Create Your Art" club. Go forth into nature and enjoy!
You are now a member of the CYA club “Create Your Art” club. Go forth into nature and enjoy!