1. Horses are crazy  why u ask? Because they think and act a lot different then us humans that is why!

Question 1: do we think folks that do a lot of things different then us are — well you know — a little crazy.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse

Question 2: How did the legend Crazy Horse get his name and who was he anyway?

literally “His-Horse-Is-Crazy” or “His-Horse-Is-Spirited” was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota. He took up arms against the U.S. Federal government to fight against encroachments on the territories and way of life of the Lakota people, including leading a war party to victory at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in June 1876.

In 1877, Crazy Horse was fatally wounded by a military guard. On the evening of his son’s death, the elder Crazy Horse told Lieutenant H. R. Lemly that his son “would soon have been thirty-seven.

Crazy Horse was named at birth Cha-O-Ha (“In the Wilderness” or “Among the Trees”, meaning he was one with nature.) His mother’s nickname for him was “Curly” or “Light Hair”; as his light curly hair resembled that of his mother.

Crazy Horse was born to parents from two tribes of the Lakota division of the Sioux, his father was an Oglala and his mother was a Miniconjou. His father was also named Crazy Horse. One account said that after the son had reached maturity and shown his strength, his father gave him his name and took a new one, Waglula (Worm).

My question 3: We now know who the winner was at the battle of Little Bighorn – who was the loser?

As an Industrial Engineer often focusing  on ergonomics. I know a goal of vehicle designers is to make them be dummy-proof — they are designed to behaved in a predictable fashion and make them easy to drive (with power steering, navigation systems,  etc) – it does not take much effort. You do not need to know a lot about how they work. – just  turn on the ignition and go.

But now take a horse — to be safe you need to know a lot about them  — they are not predictable — well they are — you can predict that they will do the unpredictable. One day they will run away from you – the next they come right up to you. One day you can not scare them if you try, the next day a sparrow landing near by will cause the horse to go ballistic. — and when that happens, get out of their way or hang on. Thus I say, horses are crazy!

However, this summer I learned more about horses then I ever thought there was to learn. for example, all books on horse training say you must first do ground-work in a round pen, I hated it — I did not even like the idea — My friend, in his subtle way, said “You must do it, you dummy” — so I started working in the round pen with Perla –

One round pen exercise is to chase a horse around a 50 foot pen that is round — then you say “OK All Done” and the horse will come to you while you standing in the center of the round pen — the horse “hooks onto you” so to speak and it will follow you where ever you walk in the round pen. The explanation that I just gave you is the simple version — it takes many pages of lessons to teach me to do things right — you would be bored if I gave you all the details.–  But it works on horses when you do it right!

Tonight while doing the pooper-scoop chore Perla hooked on to me in the barn — like a puppy dog she wanted to follow me where ever I went — all a result of many things I did right in the round pen — thanks friend for your subtle guidance.  It is really fun to have a better understanding of the horse and I commit to keep learning. I hope CRAZY HORSE PERLA will continue to put up with me and help me learn more!

Hey — just thought of this – I chased Grandma, she hooked onto me – Now, I follow her — seems backward?

2. Michigan loves lots of things: (OR is it Michigander’s love lots of things?)

In Michigan we love to fish - even in the sky!

In Michigan we love to fish – even in the sky!

In Michigan we love to see photos sent to us -- this is in NY but it looks to me like Scotland -- or ? -- Very Pretty

In Michigan we love to see photos sent to us — this is from Heather in NY  but it looks to me like Scotland — or ? — Very Pretty

In Michigan, we love to photos sent to us from Florida -- Is this not pretty?

In Michigan, I love to see, again, a photo I saved from a  Florida Photo Club shoot — It is pretty?

In Michigan we brag of the maple trees here -- just bring your pancakes -- turn the handle -- and you have syrup for breakfast

In Michigan we brag of our maple trees — just bring your pancakes — turn the handle — and you have syrup for breakfast  – Do you believe everything you see?

3. My Grandpa wrote on Christmas day 1900:

Snowing a little. Was at Scalp Level several times. Paid 10 cents for candy and 10 cents for candy bucket. Mrs Mary Small here for dinner. Dec 26 W.A. Weaver and and Daniel Heckman visited school. Paid W.A.Weaver $1.90 for teaching on 19th December.  Can of oil 12 cents.

(I went back to the 19th and saw Grandpa went to a sale and bought about a dozen items so guess he hired Weaver as a sub teacher for that day — note, seems there was no Christmas week vacation.)

Bye  -- 'till 2moro

Bye — ’till 2moro