Today – My topic was mushrooms as I did my bike ride: (I’ll show you two views of one mushroom)

The  armadillo saw this;

The armadillo saw this;

What did I do all day? biked/exercised, cleaned house, to DMV to update license. I Have CDL and they require answers to questions every now and then, got Grandma snapper fish for dinner — I had leftover pork! – we played a few holes of golf –that is it so far.

You know, I was thinking about what I said the other day — I like to go out search for one target topic to photograph — I said the target could be smart dogs, dumb dogs, mushrooms, birds, garbage, leaves that are not green,….. what ever .

I saw this "mushroom" flower

I saw this

Max, I know, years ago was looking for license plates from every state. — think he got them. My brother looks for clocks. I have a neighbor that looks for rocks. These later folks are collectors rather than photographers. But you see, Max did not have to steal/buy the plates, just photographed them. — much less expensive that way, and not all, but most photo targets are legal.

Grandma just came in and told me of an article she read about older folks, I think as old as nursing homes, — but any way — they lived longer and were happier if they lived a life with the excitement of a passion. I think she was telling me that her wonderful passion with the arts is a good thing — Now, I am sure you grandkids knew that it is a good thing — Each of you were taught, taken to see, and/or received finished products of her passions in fiber arts, oil painting, watercolor painting, — and yes live stage performances.

So I went back thru some of my photo archives to see what some of my targets of the day were (called TODs )  — I have a short attention span for my passions – not a life time like Grandma  (Oh, I just rationalized me — I have a life time passion for passions!). anyway, I will pass along 1 photo from some of my photo targets – maybe they will trigger a thought in your mind!

1. How ’bout paintings on walls, railroad cars, billboards….

Asheville, NC

2.  You know I do clouds. How about food:

Produce Mart

3. How ’bout fountains: (or fountain pens) oops I tweaked this one a little:layerpen4blog4.  I run a photo club in our community and we often do field trips for one target topic — sometimes Grandma goes along — here is one of her selections when the target was – feathersGloria earthrose+feather5. The end – many opportunities to search out things that are “Over the hill” – Grandma says, take a self portrait — I made that up!tree end6.  These seeds could be the end or the beginningseed end

7. Faces is a fun target:turt4poster

You got the idea!  — Rest assured, I do have thousands of Photos in many different target topics —  Before I go, here is one from Grandma’s photo club shoot – target = doors:

gloria photo door

Or how about  a target of Decals/Bumper stickers:frog decal 1Or last but not least target “Patterns”patternNow I go — My Target is Read and Sleep!

& dream

& dream of better shots